• Our passion and expertise in human-centered assessment and analysis, workshop design and facilitation, leadership and talent management will help you create impactful workplace well-being programs to ensure your organization the best possible outcomes.

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Why Does Workplace Well-Being Matter?

Well-being is a skill, and like any of them, it can be developed and nurtured to your advantage.

Studies have found that when people have higher levels of well-being they are:


More Likely to Feel Engaged


More Likely to be Productive


More Likely to be Satisfied in their Jobs


Less Likely to be Burnt Out

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A quarter of a person's life is dedicated to work. Organizations have to equip individuals with the right tools and resources to help them thrive, preventing counterproductive issues at work such as chronic stress, burnout, disengagement, and absenteeism. Whether operating on remote work or not, it is essential that organizations look into and consider developing solutions that 
promote and empower their most important capital -- human resource -- through data- and technology-driven means.

To achieve that, here's what we can do for you. 

Workplace Well-being 
Report and Solutions

With our interdisciplinary knowledge, we bring you our 3D Framework to identify areas of concern and co-create relevant well-being programs and policies in your workplace. We will assist you from ideation to implementation.

Relevant Learning and Development ​Programs

We provide knowledge on areas around mental health and talent management and we inspire action in taking care of your workforce. Our talks and workshops can be customized to fit your workplace needs whether online or offline.

Professional Well-being Networks

As your partner, we value your health and well-being. Through our referral network, we make sure that you get reliable access to professional medical and non-medical help.
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Kirstin Leigh Pareja is a member of the International Coach Federation as a Professional Coach and a Human Resource Practitioner. A mental health champion, she leads an NGO and a wellness support group in Iloilo.

About Us

We are dedicated to helping organizations thrive by building effective workplace culture that puts premium on workforce well-being and creativity. We also support companies and organizations in developing or aligning well-being programs and policies in accordance to mandated laws and memoranda in the Philippines.

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Dr. Mitz Serofia is a licensed medical doctor and a psychiatrist-in-training. A renowned speaker and leader, he founded the award-winning mental health program "Project KaleidosCOPE".

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As an investment into the future, well-being programs and policies should be present across all workplaces. 

Start-Ups and Small to
Medium-sized Companies

Government and 

Non-profit Organizations



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